ordering systems


for restaurants, cafes, bakeries..

For any establishment that offers home delivery for their  products.

Many customers prefer to order online rather than to make a call for food deliveries. Our solutions for restaurants and other food delivery clients provides the facility for their customers to place their orders conveniently using mobile apps or through our clients' websites or Facebook pages.

This makes the process fast and secure and reduces human mistakes in order taking. it also reduces the staff needed to answer phone calls and reduces cost. 


customers can order online

for pharmacies..

online booking systems

 for sPORTS COURts booking

Booking online systems to book appointments with dentists, hair saloons, beauty parlors, restaurants table, sport courts and many others.

Your customers can do it from the convenience of their laptop or mobile and your staff will receive, confirm and reschedule appointment when they need to.

Fully controlled by colanders that would ensure no double booking or no booking during reserved hours


for Dentist appointment booking

for restaurant table booking